Kongero - Swedish Folk'Appella (Sweden)

Kongero - a highly esteemed, world touring Swedish Folk'appella group. A concert with Kongero will take the listener on a fabulous journey, an all-embracing Scandinavian folk music experience. Amazing vocal polyphony, groovy, intimate, and powerful. They've made 5 studio albums and will release their first live album in 2021. Kongero conducts well-received workshops and master classes worldwide and has published two Songbooks with material for workshops and choirs. A 3rd Songbook will be out soon. They also do collaborations with fabulous bands and choirs all over the world.

Press and voices about Kongero:

“There are a capella groups, and then there’s Kongero. The quartet of Swedish women create wonderfully crisp, pure music on Live in Longueuil, recorded on tour in Canada in 2019. It’s a celebration of the band’s 15 years together, and my, my, what a birthday present for anyone with ears to hear. On a mix of traditional and self-composed pieces, they shine with a crystalline brilliance” - Chris Nickson, RootsWorld USA, 2021.
Full review: https://www.rootsworld.com/reviews/kongero-21.shtml

”The harmony singing is, as always, bravely virtuoso, clean and tight, full of tension releasing into lovely harmonies... The captivating and unique arrangements are all written by the Kongero members, mostly by Emma Björling and Anna Wikenius, who both also write original music in the same folk style for the band. - Alexandra Ullsten, Lira Musikmagasin 2021. Full review: https://www.lira.se/skivrecension/live-in-longeuil/

"This group is a revelation. The beauty of the four voices is equaled only by the pristine, flawless arrangements. They provide a stunning example of a marriage between the traditional and the innovative. This magical Swedish music very much deserves to be heard far and wide." - Jeff Meshel, International music journalist

“Terrific. Like camping out in a Swedish forest and hearing tales of joy, love, sadness, errant cattle, Estonian islands & too many beers. KONGERO made the audience’s heart sing with their soaring, blended vocal dexterity and charm.” - Adrian Mealing, UK Touring

"We had these ladies to kick off our Sol European Forum, they really owned the crowd, beautiful!" - Paul Van Nobelen, event planner, the Netherlands

”These guys were awesome! Kongero, from Sweden! Fantastic close harmonies that brought me to tears, suspended semi- and quartertones that made my bones vibrate, and polyrhythms from Kongero balanced my brain hemispheres.” - Natalie Windsor, the UK

"The harmonies are effortlessly natural, the voices all gorgeously clear, and the arrangements deliciously complex.” - Chris Nickson, Singout

”Kongero - a brilliant, vivacious all-female quartet of young Swedish singers. Powerful, evocative, haunting music.” - Leith Folk Club, the UK


Kongero - Maijas - Live at Nordic Folk Fest, Denmark 2021

Maijas. Trad Finland. Arr: Anna Wikénius

Kongero - Den som Frisker - Live at Nordic Folk Fest, Denmark 2021

Den som frisker är och sund. Music/Lyrics: Trad/Emma Björling. Arr: Emma Björling

Mitt hela hjärta - Live in a Vancouver Livingroom

Mitt hela hjärta. Lyrics: Trad/Emma Björling. Music & Arr: Emma Björling

Massivet & Kongero: Vaerla Vaken