Skye Consort & Emma Björling (Canada/Sweden)

Trans-Atlantic Chamber Folk.
Skye Consort & Emma Björling perform arrangements of songs & tunes from Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, England, Québec, Acadia, the USA, as well as original compositions. Each musician brings their own individual interpretation to these traditions to create this extraordinary collaboration, consisting of voices, fiddle, nyckelharpa, cello, bouzouki, banjo, and percussion. An assortment of whirling polskas, groovy reels, passionate love songs, breathtaking hymns, and original compositions.

Om berg och dalar / Polska efter Alfred Nilsson. Live in Montréal.

Trad. Norway/Sweden. Arrangement: Skye Consort & Emma Björling

Bootleg Montréal 2018

Jag vet en dejlig rosa - Live at Crapo Dec 2018

Live in Montréal July 2018

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